My Favorite Holiday – New Years!

As long as I can remember New Years has been my absolute favorite holiday. All the Christmas clutter has been taken down and put away…I’ve cleared my desk, emptied work spaces and feel prepared for “new things to come”. My tradition is to write my New Year’s resolutions/goals on Dec 31st and frame them in the most prominent place in our house where I’ll see them daily. On New Years’ Eve I’ve taken stock of how I did with the previous year’s goals and decide what is realistic and of current concern for the new year. This year on the top of my list is to engage in more creative, unproductive play (hence, this website) and to commit to spend more time on health related issues (I’m pedalling as I write this blog…no more sitting still).

I have much gratitude for all the years that have preceded this one, and much hopefulness for the years to come. But I know that only by staying conscious and aware will I grow and change. I believe we are all “works in process” of becoming the people we envision ourselves capable of becoming. HAPPY NEW YEAR!