Creative Activities

My Art Projects

Fall scene

I began learning watercolor painting with a local teacher in January 2020. Since then I’ve been teaching myself with help from the Internet. This has quickly become my newest passion!
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My Sewing Projects

Cross-stitch flower quilt

I’ve been sewing ever since I can remember. First doll clothes, then my clothes, my children’s clothes, then embroidery, and now quilts. 
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My Photography

Three Sisters Wilderness - Oregon

I am a very amateur photographer, but have always enjoyed this form of art.  See more >>>

My Videos

I really enjoy making short videos. I began making them for all our travels but soon began making them about our family gatherings and our grandsons. I enjoyed making a Christmas video each year to include in my Christmas letters. 
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My Recipes

After being a vegetarian for years, in 2011 I switched to a “whole food, plant based” vegan diet, and that gave me the impetus to expand my cooking skills to learn how to eat healthy and tasty foods in a new way!  See More >>>


In 2021 Mark and I bought a minivan and converted it for camping. This has been a really great way for us to comfortably get out and enjoy nature along with some healthy exercise. This has been a fun and exciting new adventure for us! See More>>>

My Volunteer Work

I believe wholeheartedly in volunteerism. I have always been a volunteer somewhere. It makes my life more meaningful. Currently, I volunteer at the Rogerson Clematis Garden and also with Guide Dogs for the Blind. See More>>>