A Fun Christmas Day with our kids!

Yesterday we drove down to Eugene, OR to spend the day with Karsten, Christine, Ryan and Tyler. Fortunately the roads were clear and it was an easy drive. Penny went too, so we had the car full of dog, presents, and food. It was so good to spend some time with each of the grandkids and get caught up on all their school classes and activities. They are all doing very well! We got to see Karsten’s newly painted Porsche he’s restoring. It’s a big project, but well underway.

A Wonderful Concert!

Yesterday we were honored to see André Watts play the Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor with the Oregon Symphony. As many times as I’ve heard this beautiful piano concerto, I’ve never been more moved as I was at this incredible performance by André Watts. The combination of his playing, Grieg’s composition, and our Oregon Symphony literally brought me to tears of rapture. This is an expression of the true power of music to touch our hearts and soul. Thank you André and all the musicians that made this concert possible.

2nd Movement of Piano Concerto in A minor – Edvard Grieg played by Stephen Kovacevich, Colin Davis; BBC Symphony Orchestra