Where I’ve Lived

I was born in New Jersey and lived the first 2 years of my life from 1946-1948 at 163 Linden Ave., Verona, New Jersey.

We then moved to 178 Raab Ave., Bloomfield, New Jersey where I lived from age 2-7 (1948 to 1953).

We left New Jersey in May of 1953 and drove to California where we lived in a motel in Brentwood, CA and I started school there.

Shortly after my father found work, we moved to 867 Iliff St., Pacific Palisades, CA where we lived from 1953 to Sept. 1955.

Then another move to 587 Muskingham Ave. in Pacific Palisades, CA (Sept 1955- Sept. 1956)

In Sept 1956 we moved to 1195 Daveric Dr. in Pasadena, CA where we lived until Dec. 1957.

In Dec. 1957 we moved to 633 Fairview Ave., Arcadia, CA where I lived until I graduated from high school at Arcadia High School in 1963. During that period we built 5 houses on the property and 3 of them, renting the others.

In 1963 I moved to the campus of the University of Santa Barbara and lived in a dormitory for a year. Then I moved to the Chi Omega House in Goleta, CA where I lived from 1965-66.

In 1966 I moved to an apartment in Goleta, CA prior to getting married and moving to a small carriage house in Santa Barbara, CA. where I lived from 1966- 1967.

In 1967, following a 3 month trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, I moved to Derby St. in Berkeley, CA where I lived until 1969.

After a brief period of communal living in Oakland, CA, I bought my first home in 1970 at 26 Spruce Rd. in Fairfax, CA. I lived there until 1976.

In the summer of 1976 I remarried and moved to Coos Bay, Oregon where we lived on Bunker Hill for a year…

Then I bought a small farm outside of North Bend, OR at 3440 Kentuck Way, North Bend, OR. I lived there from 1978 to 1998.

In 1998 I moved to 8288 SW Maplewood Dr.,Portland, OR and lived there for 2 years…

After remarrying in 2000 we moved to a 50 acre farm in North Plains, OR.

Then in 2019 we moved to Lake Oswego, OR.

So many moves!