Welcome 2021

I’m happy to say good-bye to 2020.  New Years has always been my favorite holiday, but even moreso this year, although I fear the road ahead is going to be difficult for all of us.  More than ever I feel the need to focus on the positive and maintain patience and care as we enter this pandemic winter.  I know that things will get harder before they get better, but there are many ways we can support each other and get through this.  We must all do our part.

Today I especially want to celebrate all that is beautiful in our world…the earth, the stars, wildlife, music, my family and friends, and all the dedicated, courageous, brilliant people working tirelessly to save our planet.

May our hearts be at peace, may we be safe, and may we continue to be sources of healing as we welcome the new year with HOPE for the future.

5 thoughts on “Welcome 2021”

  1. Beautiful sentiment, Carolyn. Your positivity is infectious, and the quote of the day is inspiring. Thank you for this mentally healthy start to 2021. We are all certainly ready for something new!

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for your uplifting New Year’s thoughts. –David Robinson

  3. Thank you for your beautiful message, Carolyn!
    My husband and I join you in focusing on what we are thankful for and celebrating the beauty all around us!
    We appreciate your wisdom as we enter 2021 with hope and peace in our hearts as well as renewed spirits to look for ways to support each other.

  4. I love your words on focusing on all that is beautiful. Recently I’ve been moved to tell a few people that we have to focus on what we have and not on what we don’t have. It makes such a difference in your mood if you do that. I make it a point to do something each day for someone else. It may not be a big thing but something. I truly believe I’m supposed to do that.

  5. Hi Sis…very lovely and serene. We should also celebrate the fact that our brains are intact and that we are able to “program” them towards our goals. Thanks, for reinforcing proper attitudes and outlooks.

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