Gathering Memories

I recently read about an interesting technique writers use to work through writer’s block.  While I don’t think of myself as a “writer”, I thought this was an interesting exercise to awaken memories and unfold hidden recesses in my brain.  Who knows what I’ll dig up?  The exercise consists of keeping a “What I Remember” journal.

I’ve always kept a journal since my teenage years.  Back then it was about my “hot” or “not so hot” dates.  I’m embarrassed to say I even kept gum wrappers and ticket stubs.  Oh my, how my life has changed.  After those years came all the concert years and impressions of events at that time.  Those are interesting journals to review. 

Of course, there’re lots of entries about marriage and children and animals and gardens, but this new journal is different.  It’s about all the weird things that pop into my head when I begin the sentence “I remember…”.  One memory triggers a flood of other memories, such as “I remember how I used to love walking on stilts when I was 8 years old”.  And then I remember the beautiful jacaranda tree in our front yard.  And then I remember shooting bows and arrows with my family in our driveway target range.  And then I remember building little sailboats in my dad’s shop.  And then I remember the cute little guinea pigs my sister and I played with.  You get the picture.  One memory triggers another and another. 

I’m not suggesting that we should all dwell on the past, but it IS a very pleasant activity for a break from the world’s depressing daily news to remember past events, activities, homes, trips, friends, family and pets.  Even the more painful memories seem to be softened by age.  Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying this brief walk down memory lane.   If you’re old enough to have memories, savor them, and if you’re too old to remember, then start digging!