Shopping in the Era of Covid-19

Ever since the Coronovirus pandemic began in January 2020, shopping has become a major ordeal. Don’t get me wrong though. I am so grateful to have the ability and resources to shop at all.

Today, Mark and I ventured out to get some groceries. We equipped ourselves with masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and a long list of food needed to keep us and Penny going for the next two weeks. We have found that the Market of Choice has the most safety precautions in place and is the least crowded, especially since we shop at 8 am! We looked like a couple of bandits heading into the store today.

Once everything was selected (not an easy feat given the need to avoid getting close to any other shoppers) and paid for, we loaded it in the car and headed home. Once home we had to unload in the garage and then wipe everything down with a Clorox spray and cloth and then, one item at a time, bring it into the house to be put away.

Once that was accomplished we had to strip off the contaminated clothes in the laundry room and head to the bath to clean ourselves.

It only took us two hours. Phew! That was the big event of our week! Now we just hope we are safe for another two weeks.

Here’s a cool idea for face masks. Of course it wouldn’t look so good, if she was frowning or sneezing. Ha Ha