Adjusting to a Covid-19 Lifestyle

Since I last wrote three weeks ago I’ve settled rather comfortably into this new lifestyle of social distancing from everyone. It reminds me of all my youthful fantasies of being a pioneer woman crossing the country in the westward expansion of the 1800’s. Now I get to experience the same feelings of separation from friends and family, except today we have “The Internet”!

No longer do we have to depend on the Pony Express to deliver a letter to loved ones weeks later. Now I am staying in touch daily with both family and friends via email, Zoom, Skype, LiveChat, texting, etc. Sometimes I’m not sure that “snail mail” wouldn’t be better.

My days are over-filled with playing music, painting, reading, genealogy research, gardening, hiking with Penny, and yes, cooking and cleaning. Spending hours sitting at my computer is not what I enjoy most. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me.

I am so grateful for my good health and being retired now. I am content to maintain this social isolation for however long it takes to stop the spread of this virus and help prevent more deaths. When it’s eventually past, I hope I can maintain more of this simplicity in my life while still staying connected.