Christine Wilson

My Daughter-in-Law, Christine Koehler Wilson

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Christine was born in 1968 in Hoboken, NJ to Gary and Connie Koehler. Her early childhood was spent moving a lot because her father was in the Coast Guard. This probably explains why Christine is comfortable traveling wherever her family goes. Eventually they settled in Coos Bay, OR which is where she met and later married my son, Karsten. Christine graduated from high school in 1987, a year before Karsten, and went to a local beauty school in Coos Bay to become a hairdresser like her mom. As a teenager Christine had great artistic promise, especially with watercolor painting.  She applied her talents to everything, even making her own wedding dress. I was very impressed by her talents.

After Karsten left for college, they continued to see each other as much as possible. Finally in 1990 they decided to marry. Christine was able to find work in Corvallis at a hair salon to help support them. Once Karsten was graduated and working they bought their first home which she beautifully decorated and painted with amazing murals. When their son, Ryan, was born in 1995 Christine turned her focus to mothering.  Both Karsten and Christine lavished all their attention on Ryan. When I finally got to babysit him (a year later) for a couple hours while they went out to dinner, Ryan was quite upset. I still remember his temper tantrum as they left. Well, after that first time, things got easier.

Soon they left for Barcelona, Spain with Christine already pregnant with Tyler. I was amazed how easily Christine adjusted to the move and managed to settle in an apartment there and give birth to Tyler with a Spanish speaking doctor and nurses.  I visited them there a week after Tyler was born. By now they were comfortable enough to let Mark and me take Ryan on outings to give them some time with Tyler.

After a year they returned to the states for a short while, until HP sent the family to Singapore for a year. Again, I had to travel to visit them and see my grandsons. Singapore suited Christine very well. She really liked the Asian foods and people. By the time they came home though, the boys were ready to begin school and continue with gymnastics.

After moving to Eugene, OR Christine started a large vegetable garden and raised her own chickens and ducks for a while. She has become an amazing cook and always surprises us with the delicious meals she creates. Christine also loves to play board and card games and has taught the whole family to be “gamers”. She is always smiling and happy and sheds joy wherever she goes. She still gives haircuts to the entire family, and also manicures, pedicures and massages. Karsten is a lucky fellow. She fills her home with love and beauty.